I heard this morning that Dave Cushman died yesterday.  He was a good friend and I shall miss him. We first got to know each other over a decade ago via the Irish beekeeping discussion list. The subject of Gormanston came up. What’s a ‘Gormanston?’ I enquired, and, upon being enlightened, a number of us who had known each other only via the interweb met there for the first time in July 2000.

We met many times since, not only there, but also at Apimondia in Dublin and other beekeeping events. He came to stay with me once, en route to a DARG meeting at Buckfast, and I also visited him at his home at Syston, near Leicester, where he showed off the Space Centre as well as an association apiary.

Dave was very active in BIBBA, but the thing for which I expect he will be longest remembered is his web site which, for beekeeping information, has to be the best in the World.  He told me that he had made arrangements for it to be continued after his demise and I hope this will be the case.

I don’t yet know the funeral arrangements.


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I have been keeping bees since 1978 and currently have about a dozen hives. I am a member of the BBKA where for many years I represented Dorset at the Annual Delegates' Meeting. I am the co-author (with Dave MacFawn of of S. Carolina) of "Getting the Best from Your Bees" and am working on a book of my own poems : "Bee People".
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23 Responses to DAVE CUSHMAN RIP

  1. This is what Dave wrote:
    My life has been hectic
    and full of many excesses, I have lived and loved up to the hilt. I have
    done more than most people could cram into ten lifetimes. I’ve hardly made a
    mark on history, but I have enjoyed myself and I hope I have enriched the
    life of others. Should I die tomorrow I have no regrets, and if I were to
    have my time again I would make all the same mistakes… Simply because any
    changes would alter everything and I would not be the same person that I am

  2. Following the passing of Dave Cushman on Tuesday Feb 22nd the question has
    been asked many times about the security of his website as a continued
    beekeeping resource.
    A few weeks before he died Dave asked me to take it over which I readily
    agreed to do. With the help of others I will keep it running. At the moment
    it will stay in exactly the same form.
    From time to time there may be some interruption and I hope everyone will
    Roger Patterson.

  3. Ettamarie wrote: I was very sad to see we have lost one of our most beloved members of this list, Dave Cushman. His shoes will be very hard to fill. He
    helped me in many ways and introduced me to many people I now call
    friends in the Irish and English beekeeping worlds.

  4. Jon Cox wrote:I remember arriving at Gormanston and Dave and I were the only ones there I realised that I had known him from Apex industries.
    At breakfast on Monday morning I was then amazed sitting with him at all the drugs that he took; he then explaining what they were all for, despite all his ailments I always thought he would go on forever.

    A very sad loss indeed.

  5. Simon Rees wrote:
    RIP Dave Cushman, a great loss to beekeeping


  6. Vanessa Drew wrote: That is really sad. I can’t believe he will no longer be around to impart his wisdom. He was such an enthusiastic personality. If you are going to his funeral, please pass on my sympathies to his family.

  7. John Robb wrote: So sorry to hear of the passing of Dave. He and Chris led me astray so many times at Gormanston. Evenings in The Cock Inn will never be the same again. R.I.P dave
    John Robb

  8. Bob Harrison wrote: I will miss Dave! His many posts on BEE-L and the information Dave shared on his website!

    Bob Harrison

  9. Trevor Weatherhead wrote: From down under it is sad to hear of Dave’s passing. I had corresponded with him for many years and had finally met him in person at Apimondia in Ireland in 2005. Dave would freely give of his knowledge. Thank you Dave.

    Trevor Weatherhead

  10. Medhat Nasr wrote: Dave will be missed. His contribution to BEE-L is invaluable.

    Dr. Medhat Nasr
    Alberta Provincial Apiculturist

  11. Steve Rose wrote: I am sure he will be greatly missed by beekeepers in all
    English-speaking countries and beyond. I am confident though that he
    will not be forgotten. He dedicated much of his life to the honey bee
    and made a huge contribution.

    Steve Rose

  12. Francisco Lopez wrote: I just open my mail and was shocked by this, my son and my self are beekeepers in Mexico and although do not post we read the posts and know who Dave Cushman was and the big contribution to beekeeping He did.We had the opportunity to write to Dave in a couple of times and He replied and was kind.
    May the Lord have Him.


  13. Juanse Barros of Chile wrote: Hasta luego Mr. Cushman. Se va un grande de la apicultura mundial . Muchas
    gracias por el impresionante registro que hizo de todo tipo de conocimiento apícola. Muchas gracias por su página web. Confío que alguien mantenga viva esa inagotable fuente de sabiduría.

    Juanse Barros J.

  14. Carolyn Ehle wrote: He has been a valued and respected resource even for those of us who never met him. He will be missed, but he has left a permanent legacy of knowledge for those who follow.

  15. Peter Dillon wrote from Canada: A great loss to the Beekeeping world.
    Thank you for helping my with “Bee Biometrics”.

  16. Jerry Bromenshenk wrote: I too will miss his comments; unfortunately, never had a chance to meet


  17. Bob Darrell wrote: Many of us joined Dave at the pub across the road from Apimondia in
    2005. I had lunch with him on several days when among other topics
    he tried to convince me to attend Gormanston. I’m sorry to say I
    haven’t yet but maybe the memory of those lunches and the pints too,
    will inspire me to get there. Thanks Dave, you are an inspiration

    Bob Darrell

  18. Ma Kittner in British Colombia wrote: Just read about the loss of an old beekeeping friend from the other side of the big pond. He had been sick for years and knew, but still it is sad to hear of his passing. Rest In Peace, Dave Cushman! Your beekeeping wisdom, your knowledge, your advice will be missed. Your interaction on the beekeeping lists was always something to look forward to. I hope there are flowers and meadows, young bodies and good health, and lots of beehives and healthy bees on the other side of the rainbow.

  19. Michael Kennedy wrote: Rest in peace Dave.

    Tonight I will drink a Guinness and go tell my bees, Dave Cushman is gone.

    Michael in South Africa.

  20. Mary Hyland wrote: RIP Dave Cushman, as new beekeepers we really appreciated his work on his website. Such a treasure! We will miss him greatly.

    Mary Hyland

  21. Norman Carreck wrote: This is very sad news. He will be greatly missed.

    Best wishes,


  22. James Diskin wrote: Shocked to hear of Dave’s passing he was such a warrior bore his illness with such dignity what a brain and so helpful, never heard him complain ,
    contributed so much to so many a font of knowledge.
    Condolences to his family and friends

    james diskin
    galway ireland

  23. John Burgess wrote: My own memory of Dave at Gormanston is of the privilege I
    had of providing his transport to the Cock after he became
    unable to walk there (at least not before closing time –
    nothing would have stopped him trying!). The alternative
    proposed by certain other regulars [Chris] was to use a wheelybin.

    Dave’s most fitting memorial would be the maintenance of his
    website, and I hope that this can be arranged in some way.


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