Up at 6. On the road at 7. Milometer 152316. Found choccy bar in car and had an occasional piece. Within 3 miles of Stoneleigh at 10.15. Hit the end of the triffic traffic jam. Got there at 10.32. They hadn’t started as so many people held up.  Gents’ loos overflowing and awash. Improvised. Grabbed a coffee and a Bourbon cream. Got a seat in front row. Nobody joined me. Armpits?  Started 10.50. Item 1. Essex not happy with Spring Convention being at Harper Adams. I spoke up in agreement, complaining of missing lectures ‘cos halls too small and scattered. Bigger trade space available at Stoneleigh. Debated for a while. Some liked it. Cheaper than hiring extra space at S’leigh.  Presentation by London BKA about urban beekeeping – there are far too many bees in London! Rooftops all laden with hives.  Windy: Warre hives need guy ropes or they get blown over. Bee Base says 3337 hives there and they probably don’t know about half of them.  BBKA swarm control protocol discussion led by Devon BKA. Do it by the book control freaks.  20 minute break for lunch. Another choccy biccy then a cold pasty in my car. Back in time for another coffee. No more chocs so had a custard cream. Don’t have an agenda so Gen Sec Jane Molesey gave me hers and called me ‘Gorgeous’ – sometimes I worry about her! Split into discussion groups to discuss communications with BBKA and the best time of year for the Forum. A leaderine appears in our group. She says everything I want to say before I get a chance to.  The group agrees to keep the Forum now-ish but a few weeks earlier would be better, however the ADM should be shifted to later in the year than Jan, say March. I can’t read our leaderine’s name tag so I ask her: Trisha Marlow from Ludlow. Teacher? She acts like one! Make more use of electronic communication but keep mails short and sweet: relevant, accurate and brief. Use all methods of comms. Learn that BBKA is on Facebook! Better format req’d for BBKA News so business is at the front and padding at the back.  Jane says she needs email addresses so log in to web site to register. New year book. Take a sample. Feed back. Do all members need one or just newbees? Cost per copy comes down to about 65p if we all have one.  Ed and training, let by Peter Sutcliffe. Difficulty concentrating. Drifting off into dreams and having flashes of mental pictures different to what’s before me – excess chocolate? Lack of sleep?  ‘In service training’ rather than formal teaching? Avoids exam failures. Sussex BKA talks about Basic Assessment and how it should work. There are 63 topics. Over 1,000 basic assessments per annum. Course in a Case has level of info to pass the exam. Have you bought your copy yet? Query about local disease people from FERA. Disease Liaison Coordinators. Problem of indemnity never resolved.  Big Society – us doing something for free that we’ve already paid for as taxpayers!. Marking sheets on past exam papers on line. Disease recognition courses sponsored by FERA.  Schools – young beekeepers.Couldn’t catch mike man, Roger Patterson’s eye to boast of my time with a class of schoolkids. Log book of progress towards Basic. Sussex BKA Neonicotiniods + BBKA. Perception is more important than reality. Peer review is mutual back scratching. Conflicts of interest. Neonics now available to all in garden centres. Water soluble. Concentration in a puddle 1000x LD for bees. BBKA not experts. Don’t know all data. Don’t see it. We want to be reassured they don’t pose a threat to honeybees even at non-lethal level, Methods of tests on bees need to be improved. Pam Hunter: don’t use neonics, even as gardeners. Big business involved. Cited tobacco/cancer, asbestosis and cilicosis (coal dust) problems dismissed by big business for years. Tim Lovatt – flak!  Gotta look at data quality. Clearly not perfect.  BBKA to sit in fence – painful! Break up after 4.30. Jaffa cakes!  Q 4 loo so improvise again. Another jaffa cake. Head for home via Morrisons at Yeovil to re-fuel (39.9p/litre of diesel). Home at 8pmish. Mileometer 152664.  152664- 152316 = 348 miles. Cooked some pasta, bacon, onion, mushrooms. Turned on computer. Started trying to read notes to write this. Computer crashed 3 times during transcribing. Now Facebook friend with Trisha the leaderine!


About chrissladesbeeblog

I have been keeping bees since 1978 and currently have about a dozen hives. I am a member of the BBKA where for many years I represented Dorset at the Annual Delegates' Meeting. I am the co-author (with Dave MacFawn of of S. Carolina) of "Getting the Best from Your Bees" and am working on a book of my own poems : "Bee People".
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  1. Emily Heath says:

    You did well with all the food you snaffled! I enjoyed this stream of consciousness post.

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