Everybody should have a hornet trap in their garden to monitor.  I have one that I made.  It isn’t too difficult but it’s a bit fiddly and I was lucky to have a little spare metal mesh.  Although the plans are available on-line I very much doubt whether more than a few dozen are in use throughout the country and most of them will be associated with DARG members and their friends.  There is one that can be purchased from the bee appliance suppliers but, at about a fiver, it’s a lot of money for something that probably cost a few pence in materials and assembly abroad.

Here’s my idea:  the Government in the shape of NNSS (Non Native Species Secretariat) and the NBU put in a bulk order direct to the manufacturers for about 25,000.  They should get a really good price for an order like that!

Then get the BBKA, via their branches, to deliver them to all their members free of charge, together with instructions as to use and bait.

The cost will be a mere hiccup in the NBU budget and, by getting all the traps distributed around the country, will greatly improve the chances of finding and eliminating the Asian hornets in their early stages, before they get established.  This investment, if made NOW could save a great deal of money and trouble later.

If you like this idea, please pass it around.


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I have been keeping bees since 1978 and currently have about a dozen hives. I am a member of the BBKA where for many years I represented Dorset at the Annual Delegates' Meeting. I am the co-author (with Dave MacFawn of of S. Carolina) of "Getting the Best from Your Bees" and am working on a book of my own poems : "Bee People".
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  1. Glyn Davies says:

    Chris please describe the hazards of Hornet traps to native hornets and other beneficial insects. Emphasis must be on monitoring. That is place open bait containers any where convenient that you can keep a regular eye on. When visitors are noticed spend longer periods watching. Anything suspicious needs confirmation from other informed person. If A hornets are noticed they will return. Then swatting or netting will be ok for expert identification.. no harm to beneficials at all. I really think traps are dangerous to the local ecology. Cheers. Glyn

    • Thanks, Glyn. Good point, which was why I suggested that the traps should be in the back garden so they can be monitored daily rather than in an out apiary. If/when the traps are distributed they should come with identification leaflets. The traps with a wire grid above the bait will allow beneficial insects to be released.

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