I have been keeping bees since 1978, mostly in West Dorset, but have also had hives as far apart as Co Tipperary, Cornwall, Portland and East Dorset.  Hive numbers are few, rarely getting above a score, and I like to play with and study the creatures, honey being a sticky bore that covers the cost.

With Dave MacFawn of S.Carolina, I have written a book, “Getting the Best From Your Bees” published by Outskirts Press of Colorado and available in quantity from them (for the best price) or from Amazon or other on-line outlets.  The next book, “Bee People”, consisting of poems and anecdotes concerning bees and the people who play with them is on its way.


2 Responses to About

  1. Trish Gant says:

    Fabulous my man. I will twitter and tweet about your blog. Get some more stuff on it. Good work.

  2. Ma.Grizzly says:

    All the best wishes. Will try to follow your block.

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